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Make Money at Home

4 Money Making Ideas You can Use to Profit Online

You’ve probably heard this saying before – lather, rinse and repeat – and that’s exactly what you should do. When you find a way to make money that works for you, repeat the process over and over again in different niches and/or with different products.

These methods are not hard to do, but they will require some effort on your part, as does anything else.

With that said, let’s jump right in…

1. Answer a question
That almost sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Here’s what I mean…
Visit forums, Yahoo groups, MySpace or other social networking sites. Find out what kinds of questions people are asking or what kind of information they’re interested in.

Then write a report that answers their questions. Or put together a short web page with reviews of 3 or 4 different products that will answer their questions. (This way they’ll have a choice of which one to buy.) Of course, each product on the web page will contain your affiliate link.

No matter which method you choose, simply add a link to your sales letter or review page in your signature file at the forum or group. (Don’t blatantly advertise, though, because you don’t want to get banned for spamming.) Use an enticing line of text that links to your web page so people will be interested enough to click your link.

Here’s an example:
Let’s say the forum you visit has hundreds of people interested in learning how to make an “old fashioned” craft item of some sort, but they can’t find directions anywhere. The members continuously ask if anyone there has a pattern, so you can see that this is a “hot topic” at this forum and probably at others, too.

You happen to be an expert on making this particular item, or you know where you can find instructions for it, so you simply write a report detailing how to make it. Or you can do some research and locate an ebook (or a couple of them) that is exactly what the forum members are looking for, then create a quick web page reviewing the product(s), using your affiliate links so when they buy you get the commission.

Then take few hours daily to browse and post relevant content in the form of answers to members’ questions or by asking your own questions and posting comments. You’ll have the link to your web page in your signature file and if you use a line of text such as “Let Me Show You How to Make (name of craft item)” people will click your link and you’ll make sales.

2. Find a need for a service, then provide that service
You’ll make money selling the instructions for making that old fashioned craft item I used as an example in quick profit idea #1, but you can also take this a step further… why not locate groups of people who are NOT interested in making the item, but rather, in buying the item?

You’ll have to search out other forums or groups of people who buy antiques or crafts, but again, if you see that they’re asking for that item you’ll know you can have a hot seller.

Simply create the product, have someone create it for you or even find some at local garage sales; write your sales letter and then put your link in your signature file. Remember to use an enticing line of text to make people notice it and click the link.

Here’s an example:
Visit forums where Internet marketers hang out. You may be surprised by some of the questions people ask. For instance, many new marketers don’t know how to upload files to a server so they ask how to do it. Many don’t know how to edit html pages or create/update a website. If you’re good at any of those things, offer your services for a small fee. (Don’t forget to use a link in your signature so you’re not spamming the forum.) or… teach them how to do these things for a small fee!

And services like these aren’t just for new marketers who don’t know how to do them. Other people outsource many of these jobs, too, to save themselves time. You might be surprised at how much money you can make by doing small, odd jobs. Remember the old saying “it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.” People will pay someone to do jobs they dislike or don’t know how to do. You can be the Internet’s version of a “handyman.”

3. Write content for profits
With all the free information available on the Internet it might be hard to believe, but some websites will actually pay you for your content!

Do a search for “get paid for content” or “get paid to write articles” and other similar terms in Google and see what comes up. There are sites available that will pay you to write articles or other types of content such as “how to” do something.

Associated Content ( is one such site, but there are others, too. Just be sure to follow their guidelines for the content you submit to them. Some require that it be exclusive content, while others don’t. Some will require a minimum or maximum word length, while others don’t care how long or short it is.

Another idea in this category – write articles on numerous topics and sell them with Private Label Rights. You can target MANY markets this way…

“One size” doesn’t necessarily fit all here. Instead of targeting all marketers with your niche PLR articles, promote each niche’s articles to marketers in that niche by posting messages at forums within the niche market. You can also find webmasters in the niches you write articles for and contact them by email or phone and let them know you sell PLR articles that they might be interested in.

4. Create Your Own Products
Yea, I know… this is something many people are afraid of, but it’s easy if you purchase products with Private Label Rights and then edit them to make them your own.

Since Private Label Rights means you can edit the ebook and add your name as the author, that’s exactly what you need to do to make it your own product.

Simply use the original product as an outline, changing it as you wish, to add more content and personalize it to “sound” like you. Do research, if need be, to get more information on the topic so that you’re sure you’re giving solid information. Be sure you fix any spelling and grammatical errors, too, for a more polished and professional product.

But how do you pick a topic and where do you sell it? The same way I suggested in quick profit ideas #1 and #2 - forums and online groups are a good place to start. In addition to having your link in your signature file look around for potential joint venture partners, too. A quick email to a few of them offering a 50/50 or 60/40 split of any sales they make could bring you a lot of money.

Of course, if you have your own opt-in list then you can just offer it to them if you’d like. But don’t sell yourself short… visit forums and leave your link in your signature file and find website owners to do joint ventures with.

Make Money, If You Have Your Own Money Making Idea, You can Sell It to People

If you’re one of those webmasters that isn’t quite fond of all the other money making tricks and tips and you’re a good thinker, why not make your own? The benefits are endless, not only will you be able to use your own method to gain money, but you’ll also be able to sell your own method to other webmasters across the globe – which means even more money for yourself.

A good money making idea is usually a good one when it doesn’t saturate because a lot of other people are using it, take for example article writing – there can never be enough article writers because articles and content need to be produced differently on a day to day basis just so webmasters websites and blogs are kept updated and they can still battle out their competition, even when they don’t have any time to update the content themselves they can hire someone to do it for them.

It’s pretty easy to think of a different method yourself as well, it doesn’t typically have to be a unique idea it could well be an existing idea but slightly changed and improved. Take for example an article writing service that offers uniquely written content; you also have a program which automatically submits the new articles to article submission websites so your customers are also gaining back links to their websites. This means you will have a lot more customers and you can charge more for the automatic submission service.

Once you’ve found yourself a good idea and you feel many people will benefit from it, create an eBook if you have the ability to do so and get an eBook picture made so users are more enticed to buy your product (your eBook graphic just gives your product a professional finish). If you feel your eBook is really worth purchasing, make a price tag you’d like your eBook to sell for and I can guarantee if you give a good description of the method you’re selling and give a few free review copies to reputable members of forums (if this is where you’ll be selling the eBook) you will make hundreds of sales.

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