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Earn From Data Entry Job

What Types of Jobs Exist and Is There Money To Make?


Data entry jobs related to typing are the most common. Almost any subject and genre of business has need for typing working. Many of these jobs are easily commissioned out to home workers. The most needed credentials are attention to detail, a good command of English language, structure, punctuation and spelling and absolute accuracy in the above areas as well. Typing jobs sent to home workers come from small businesses who don't have enough work to warrant hiring an employee. They also come from large businesses that have learned the economic advantages to contract work. Many businesses of all sizes can realize advantages through contracting typing work and other data entry projects.


Another of the data entry jobs which are able to be transported to home based businesses is that of editing previously typed or prepared materials for accuracy. Even the most careful typist will occasionally make syntax errors or punctuation errors that are difficult to perceive when reading back over the typed work. However, if an editor looks at the work, such errors usually jump out at the reader. For work that is critically important for accuracy, an editor can be employed to review previously completed work for accuracy and completeness. Every company wants finished written products under the name of the company to be something to be proud of.


Data entry jobs in the statistical field usually go to home based workers who are fast on a calculator or keyboard. These jobs often involve entering names and addresses in a database or making revisions to existing database fields. As may be expected, absolute accuracy is of critical importance in this type of work. Sometimes the entries are done twice by different workers and then the work is checked through a merge and correct software program to further ensure accuracy. If you are the type of worker who wants a little excitement in your project, this kind of work may not work well for you, since it tends to be routine and repetitive.


If you are good at typing and familiar with syntax and spelling in the English language, transcription data entry jobs may be just the answer for you. A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio or video materials and types out what is being said so that there is a written record of the spoken word. Transcription of radio shows or interviews and of teleseminar conferences and calls are becoming quite common amongst marketing experts. Transcription typists are paid either by the audio hour or by the typewritten page and can do quite well financially in preparing such material.


Data entry jobs in the medical field are highly specialized. This is because there are so many medical terms that may be unfamiliar to the general public. A misspelling in a medical term can create all sorts of legal and medical entanglements. These workers usually are responsible for transcribing case notes that have been dictated by medical professionals and serve as a written documentation of patient care and diagnosis.

Data Entry Jobs - What is Available?

For those who want to work at home, data entry jobs are probably the most coveted positions out there. For this reason, there are usually long waiting lists for the well known data entry companies. With the competition high, how do you find these kinds of jobs?
There are some companies that it seems everyone applies for, but it is possible to find data entry jobs in other places. You can try job search engines. Job search websites like Monster so have some work at home jobs available. You should monitor them for data entry work and also post your resume. Make sure your resume is written to highlight any experience or skills you may have pertaining to this kind of work.

You can also find these opportunities on freelance websites. You may have to place bids on the jobs, but it's a good source of finding companies that out source. Bidding sites are fairly easy to use. You simply register and then submit a proposal for any jobs you would like to do. Most of the time you can't see each individual bid, but you can usually see at least the high and low bid. This gives you a range to work with. Remember, companies do want quality work so they don't always choose the lowest bidder. You should never underbid yourself.

You don't have to only use the Internet to look for data entry jobs. You can also contact businesses and doctor's office in your area and see if they have any opportunities that they may like to out source. You can do this by creating a brochure that highlights your qualifications and the services you provide. As with any type of freelance work, the more private clients you have the more money you'll make.

Data entry can be a competitive business for those looking for work, but as long as you don't limit yourself to only applying at websites that solely handle this kind of work you can be very successful.

Data Entry Jobs From Home - Convenience and Ease

Searching for data entry jobs from home is easy when you know where to look on the internet. The issue comes when the jobs advertised are not really good choices and only out to advertise or to take a fee from the unsuspecting worker. However, it is very possible to find and work with many companies who need help and have a great reputation for providing data entry jobs from home. These could be in the form of writing, typing, editing, transcription, and other things requiring the worker to be creative and expressive. The three listed above are among the data entry jobs that are the most profitable and easy to find.

Data entry jobs from home are synonymous with typing. It might mean that an individual needs help with cleaning their work up and making it look professional or it might mean you are working on more detailed articles or projects that require you to write it out from beginning to end. For this position, you will need to have a good speed when typing, an understanding of grammar rules, good spelling and punctuation and a good program to help. This type of work is best for those with a live imagination and who see themselves as a creative person. Research skills are also an asset to data entry jobs from home.


Transcription is simply listening to an audio file and typing what is being said into a document. This audio file might be a radio broadcast, a teleconference seminar, or a VIP interview. Transcription pays more than regular typing positions but it takes a longer amount of time per project to finish. It could take a simple hour long file and stretch it to 5 hours of typing work. You will also need a transcription machine or other equipment to make work productive.

Article Writing

For those individuals who are really creative and have a strong imagination, writing in data entry jobs from home can be a very rewarding career. It also helps to understand marketing as many of these articles may be used to boost ratings of websites in the search engines. Batches of articles may come in and keep you busy for a while. The faster you can type the better but make sure to take your time on the research to produce a quality article each time.

Needed Equipment

There are a few things you will need before you venture out into data entry jobs from home. Most people already have some sort of home office set up or at least a computer with an internet connection. If this is you, you are already way ahead of the game. Make sure your internet connection is very reliable and your email is easy to remember and not prone to being down much of the time. Since you will be sitting for long amounts of time, make sure your chair is comfortable and supportive. A good light will help to alleviate any eye strain you might experience. Take regular breaks away from the computer to help you stay focused.

Data Entry - A Wonderful "Work at Home" Job

Whether you are a starter or experienced in work at home jobs, data entry remains all time favorite. It is one of the easiest jobs to do from the comforts of home. There are people who keep searching for jobs because they are not aware of the data entry jobs that are available in plenty. If you ask any work at home expert, he will say that data entry is one of the most desired jobs in the field. You can exercise your own working hours and also ask for the jobs that may help you gain more money by working long hours.
This flexible working schedule has made data entry jobs so very popular. Let's see what the data entry jobs need exactly?

1) The data entry jobs require entry of varied information and its management through computer. You may work as a home typist, online word processor, online transcriber, or information processing specialist.

2) Also the data entry requires making of different reports, correspondence, lists, records, spreadsheets, and databases. You may initially feel the work as time consuming but once you are experienced, you can do your work in almost half time.

3) You may take less work if you are busy with some other work. But once you accept the job, you have to be particular about the submission of the work on time.

4) Medical and legal transcriptions: You need to hear the information on audio file and enter the information. It is a typing job and can be learnt at various institutes too.

5) Medical coding: this job also comes under data entry job in which you need to enter and manage the accurate sensitive medical data. Correspondence courses are available where you can learn the techniques of doing these entries.

6) Litigation coding: It requires capturing the information from scanned documents and assisting legal professionals manage their files. Many data entry jobs and companies hire such professionals. With little training, these jobs are pretty easy and high paying right from the comforts of your home.

Advantages of data entry jobs:

1) You are your own boss and can exercise full flexibility in your work schedule.

2) Earning a six-figure income is very much possible while doing data entry jobs from home.

3) You can create a lifestyle of your own choice and work as much or as little as you want.

4) You can quit your boring job that has full schedule.

5) You can either work for earning the primary income or support to your existing income.

6) Whether you are a writer, programmer, designer, or any other non-professional, you can work for data entry projects that can help you marvelously raise your financial as well as work status.

Just make sure to use legitimate work at home 99 directory and find the job that suits you. There are also many other work at home opportunities apart from legitimate data entry jobs. These jobs can fulfill your ambitions to rule the world no doubt!

3 Top Ways to Find Data Entry Jobs at Home Which Are Legitimate

If you are interested in finding data entry jobs at home, you may believe locating ones that are available and that meet your needs is impossible. The reality, however, is that these jobs are quite abundant if you know where to look for them. Below you'll find several suggestions on where you can locate data entry jobs at home.
Freelance Sites

In order to avoid possible data entry jobs at home that are really scams, you should start your search by joining any of the dozens of freelance sites currently available on the internet. Almost all of them have a separate area for data entry work. To get started with these sites, you simply need to create a profile which lists your experience with this type of work. Some of the sites do charge for a listing but most will allow you to create a profile and even bid on a number of projects without having to spend a dime.

Because the competition can be immense on these sites, you should consider signing up for as many of them as possible until you see where you're going to be getting the best results.

Online Ads

You can also take a proactive approach to your search for data entry jobs at home. Go to places and post your own ads. In some cases, these ads can be placed for free. In other cases, you'll have to pay. In your ad, briefly explain your qualifications, the service you can provide, and possibly even your hourly rate. Make sure to include an email address. A good piece of advice is to set up a separate email account for these responses because you will undoubtedly receive plenty of scam responses as well as some potentially real offers for data entry jobs at home.

Directory Sites

One of the best ways to find data entry jobs at home is through a type of directory service. These sites will post tons of potential jobs that you can access for free just by clicking on the links. Most will offer a brief description about the opportunity so you can decide whether or not you're interested then you can click on the link and learn more. While some of the listings are probably just going to be for sales letters that are designed to promote some type of product, you should also find a number of legitimate possibilities.

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